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men-ü Oil Free Matt Moisturiser

Ultra Concentrated - Get Up to 120 applications! 

Unlike women men have thicker skin bigger sebaceous glands (leading to oilier skin) and facial hair to contend with and for those that shave regularly they have the greatest need for an effective moisturiser.

men-ü presents a practical answer to daily shine - endorsed by professionals - the men-u matt moisturiser. Oil free (less shine to start with) and fragrance free (no allergens - less risk of irritation) with sebum absorbers that help combat areas of greasy skin especially around the T-Zone. The absorbers kick in for a matt finish whilst the moisturiser is readily absorbed. Includes Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) which helps tackle the free radicals that age the skin by attacking the collagen and reducing elasticity. 

Try just half a pump on the forehead first to get a measure of the ultra concentration. If applying after washing and rinsing make sure skin is totally dry so that the sebum absorbers are effective and do not absorb moisture. Great for after sun care.