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MUHLE R41 Open Comb Safety Razor Chrome


Achieve the ultimate close shave and save on the cost of razor blades - all while being kind to the environment!

Why it Works

Open Comb razors are great for shaving longer stubble, and the MUHLE R41 Open Comb is no exception. The Open comb design means shaved bristles and foam slide away under the blade, rather than clogging it up. This makes for a closer, more comfortable shave - just what you want.

Which razor blades should I use?

Blades are easily replaced by unscrewing the head of the Safety Razor. Replacement blades can be purchased separately, rust-proof & a perfect match for this timeless razor. See link below:

Razor Blades

Where is this made?

This razor is made in Germany by Muhle.

Is it corrosion resistant?

Yes, the chrome finish makes this razor corrosion resistant and very durable.

Does it have a good grip?

The knurled handle provides a secure grip for soapy hands.

What size is it?

It is 94mm long and 41 mm wide (3.7inch x 1.6inch)

What does “open comb” mean?

The fact that there is a gap between the teeth of the comb allows more lather to remain on the face since it goes through the spaces. As a result, you will get a closer shave.